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A lot of things have changed in my life, especially since I’ve known you guys. You lot have probably seen me go through a couple different usernames, and a couple different nicknames. Hell, I feel like I’ve finally settled down, even.

I miss you. Every day. I think about all of you all the time. I miss BB. God, if she could see us now. I bet she’d be so, so proud of us. I’m probably one of the youngest of all of us and I know that I’m definitely proud.

Do you remember those “parties” Beetle used to host in her igloo, or wherever else we went on Club Penguin? I remember the Slumber Party as if it were yesterday. It’s close to ten years ago, now, though. August 17th, 2007. We all sat round in her igloo, by the beanbags, repeating “ZZZZZZZZ” and noting on how that kinda looks like traintracks. Do you see it?

Do you remember the Xat box? It’s still there, on the right hand side of the blog, with the widgets. I remember having fights there with Tijopi, and making up with Tijopi. Weekly. Man, we really got at each other’s throats, huh?. I remember waiting there for hours in case somebody might come on. I still do, sometimes.

Do you remember Harley? I do. I miss him. Sometimes I blame myself for not praying hard enough as a kid,even though I know that doesn’t make any sense.

So let’s stay as friends, yeah? This time, for real. We’re staying as friends. I’ll make a group chat on Skype, or Discord, or Kik, or whatever the heck we’re using these days. As long as we stay in touch. God, I don’t care if it’s via Whatsapp or Facebook or Twitter or even Snapchat, but we’ve come nearly ten years and we can’t give up now. It’s not right; after all these years of fighting, just to give up. Not with the state the world is in right now. I know it sounds silly, but I think we can find refuge in each other in these trying times when the whole world seems upside down.

As many of you have mentioned, Club Penguin is closing down at the end of next month. I say we organize one big last BB party, celebrating Club Penguin, and the blog, and everything our friendships were – and could continue to be. If you manage to get in touch with me, I can organize something – but it needs to be before the end of Club Penguin. Before the end of next month.

Waddle on, little dudes.

Lots of love, your faithful friend:

Doo Fling, Twigglet, Twiggington, cognitiveWeasel, FlashlightNB, Cw, Quenbie. Whatever you’re used to calling me by now. I’ll see you soon, okay?

I promise.




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I guess it makes sense that this blog document the end of our beloved childhood game…
Look at this stuff it’s wild, these people are not happy

“Not my app”



Look at this

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So many people probably 18+ logging in to say goodbye… so sad….



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This site will be 10 years old in July

Annual Post


Hey all, just a little post for old times sake. Hope you’re all doing well and most importantly enjoying yourselves. If any of you are having tough times just remember that everything comes to pass eventually and things will be alright. Aside from that I’d like to wish you a happy halloween/thanksgiving/holidays since I don’t when and if you’ll be reading this. Cheers, and long live this site.



Soon I will be an adult wow




Long live this site

Hey Look A Post



Juuuuuuuust thought I’d put something up in case WordPress has some sort of policy about deleting inactive websites. This is a piece of history! I come here at least twice a year!

Happy…. Summer everyone! B-)

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